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Kota olive oil

Internationally award-winning food product of premium quality which is compatible with the highest classification standards of extra virgin olive oil extracted from olive fruits from certified organic farming.

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ECO production

The olive grove is located in the Dalmatian town Nadin, officially proclaimed as the most ecological place in the Republic of Croatia, and is planted on a plot that has never before been used for farming purposes. This plot of land has never been treated with any chemicals or mineral fertilizers therefore it was ideal for ecological production planning which was, from the beginning, founded on respecting and improving the microbiom of the soil by keeping the existing one and introducing an ecological organic substance completely excluding the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and mineral fertilizer in the production.

Organic production is the biggest guarantee for the food safety of our product along with the compliance of modern socially responsible business management and sustainable development with the goal of environment and biodiversity protection. Kota olive oil, on its label, along side the designation of origin, proudly bears certificates and symbols of ecological product by the European Union and Republic of Croatia.


Authenticity and quality

Kota olive oil products represent the highest category of organic extra virgin olive oils and are based on cultivation and dominant representation of indigenous Croatian cultivars, predominantly of oblica and lastovka, which give Kota olive oil its authentic and original taste and dalmatian olive oil quality.


Top experts and modern technologies

Raising and cultivation of the plantation is lead in cooperation with acknowledged and esteemed experts from Faculties of Agriculture in Zagreb and Osijek, therefore the implementation of agricultural measures corresponds with the highest standards of organic farming in the European Union which is certified and supervised by the competent authority. The process of harvest and processing is lead by food technologists who conduct laboratory analysis of fruit to determine the time of optimal fruit maturity and therefore harvest date, which could be different depending on the cultivar. The harvest is conducted by hand and processing is executed on the same day by coldpressing in the oil factory which is approved for organic product processing.

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