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Between the tame Adriatic sea, sung Dalmatian coast, and harsh Velebit peaks over which fresh and clean air of the notorious dalmatian bora flows, in the peaceful town of Nadin, located in the area of Ravni Kotari with the heritage of a 1000-year-old olive-growing tradition, ever since the times of the ancient Liburnia we have cultivated an olive grove on an intact piece of land where sunlit and under the watchful eye and caring hands of our manufacturers, olive fruits grow that are, in fact, indigenous Croatian (Dalmatian) cultivars produced by organic farming practices which later we turn into organic extra-virgin olive oil which is our pride and joy that puts us on the world map of best olive producers.

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The basis of the logo is inspired by četverokuk, authentic embroidery found on Ravni Kotari folk costumes, and it is embellished with the elements of olive leaves and fruit which give Kota olive oil its identity and the role of honorable successor to this 1000-year-old olive-growing dalmatian tradition.

Boce ulja


We want to become a name of reference for dalmatian olive oil quality that is well known on the world map of olive-growers and for our product to contend for awards at the largest olive oil festivals.


Our mission is to maintain organic production and processing of the indigenous Croatian olive cultivars with the application of the most contemporary technological solutions and traditional production principles with the goal of making a premium food product that benefits human health and by its classification properties belongs to the category of the best olive oils in the world.